„CIASA PRE GIARON” is surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites and their spectacular landscapes, which have become part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Our apartments are situated in a quiet location just few minutes walk from the centre of the village of La Villa, Alta Badia.

Health is the most important thing!

Dear guests, we look forward to welcoming you back soon!

Our intension has always been to give you a wonderful holiday with moments of happiness. That alone guarantees our great nature in front of the door - our paradise in the Dolomites. But of course we also want you to feel safe in the current situation.

We, the Crazzolara family and employees, take this very seriously and observe all hygienic regulations for protection against the virus.

Therefore, we also make a well-intentioned appeal to our guests:

- Please arrive healthy and don’t be sick
- Always use mouth-nose protection (mask) in our public rooms (entrance / stairwell / garage etc.).
- Frequent hand hygiene
- Unfortunately, we have to do without a greeting by shaking hands, hugging. For this we give you a warm welcome: a thankful smile!
- Please always keep a distance (1-2m)!
- Regular room ventilation (open windows / doors at least once a day)